CO2 emissions, overproduction, pollution and waste, biodiversity, and workers rights are all major issues in the fashion industry, one of the largest polluting industries in the world. Join us as we discuss the latest technologies being used in the industry today and how Amsterdam’s focus on circularity is influencing the fashion industry’s use of tech to combat major sustainability issues. How is this new focus helping or hurting young designers? What role do rentals and the second-hand market play? How is the virtual fashion space changing the game? We’ll tackle these questions and more with experts in the tech, design and sustainability space.

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We’re beyond excited to host our second IRL event – and stoked to announce this event will be available as a livecast too. There’s literally no reason not to join us.

SheSays Amsterdam returns to the real live stage at Pakhuis de Zwijger for Sustainable fashion & the circular economy, hosted by Kerrie Finch (futurefactor). Speakers include Melissa Wijngaarden (Project Cece) Amber Slooten (The Fabricant), Akvile Varnelyte (NOWATCH), Mariette Hoitink (House of Denim) and Roosmarie Ruigrok (Gemeente Amsterdam).

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