The program writers and producers of WeMakeThe.City Green create programs and projects in seven different domains: Spatial Planning and Sustainability. We focus on practical issues, improving every day life in cities and regions and how it relates to life in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. On the other hand, we try to highlight how global developments affect our urban region and country. It is our mission to showcase developments in every domain, to develop clear analyses, interpret existing practices, offer alternatives, present innovations and to stimulate dialogue.


If we want to do right by the next generations, we have to leave them a viable, fair and just world. The current crises surrounding climate, natural resources and biodiversity show that we need to work even harder on this than we are already are. Where are the flaws in the current social systems? How do design a new economy that guarantees a sustainable future? And how do we find ways of translating our long-term ambitions into realistic plans and remove barriers at the system level?

In the Sustainability domain we create programs about the circular economy, energy transition, climate adaptation, food, biodiversity and sustainable mobility. In doing so we are creating a strong connection between the residents of the city and innovation, design power and a fair and just transition at a national and global level.


The Netherlands has a long history of spatial planning and thoughtful design of public spaces. This isn’t considered a choice in such a small and densely populated country where all its inhabitants need space for living, working, travelling, playing sports, leisure and recreation. How do we divide the space that is becoming increasingly scarce? How do we create designs for multiple use of space that are smart, meaningful and innovative, in which the ecological footprint is as small as possible, all the while preserving optimal quality of life and biodiversity? Where can we and where can we not build? Where do we make space for nature, sustainable energy, water, ecological connections, new bicycle paths, pedestrians, motorways and railways?

In the Space domain we create programs within the areas of project development, architecture, building, planning and gentrification.